PowerFingers:  5 color coded discs…in 5 resistances…for 5 fingers.

Working through the various 5 color resistances, starting from the lightest resistance for beginners and ending with strongest. The PowerFingers method develops strength, speed and dexterity in both the fingers and the hand.

Professionals Musicians have developed specific finger training exercises and a range of Antagonistic exercises have been developed specifically for each Sport. These exercises are available to view as suggested instructional videos either in


Power Sport or

Power Music

Guitar Coach Magazine Enthuses about Powerfingers


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Guitar Coach Magazine Enthuses about Powerfingers

Climbing Antagonistic Exercises HERE July 18th

Gaz Parry and Belinda Fuller are to bring Climbing the range of Antagonistic Exercises launch date July 18th   

PowerFingers Partners With The Fender Music Foundation

We are so honored to be involved with such an incredible organization. Effective immediately, PowerFingers will donate 12% of every sale of every set to the Fender Music Foundation.  This is regardless of where or how the unit is sold....